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If you have or suspect that you have bed bugs, you are not alone. There’s been a 500% increase in bed bugs in recent years. No one really knows why there’s been this dramatic increase; except for increased travel and more regulated insecticides. Apartment complexes and hotel rooms are getting hit hard from the bed bug epidemic. This is attributed to the close proximity of the units and the visiting of the tenants in the complex.

Bed bugs feed on mostly humans when we are at our deepest sleep. Their attracted to the carbon dioxide or CO2 that we breathe and our body heat that we produce. If an infestation goes unnoticed or untreated a few bed bugs can turn into hundreds or in some cases thousands. Their flattened bodies allow them to hide in the smallest of cracks and crevices. If bed bugs are present in your home, they may be found in the following places; mattress and box springs, baseboards, dressers, electrical outlets, lamps, computers, etc…


Bed bugs will emit and you will smell if the infestation is heavy enough, a sweet musty odor. An adult bed bug is about a ¼” long and oval shaped. They are reddish brown and flattened, almost paper thin if they’re not swollen from a meal. This is one characteristic that always them to hide in the tightest of places. A nymph is very tiny and translucent until it has had its first blood meal. They are social insects and will group in clusters.

Bed bugs will continually look for a host if it doesn’t feed. Once a host is found they stay in close proximity (usually five to ten feet away) and feed every five to seven days. A feeding takes anywhere from three to ten minutes. Usually during the night hours between 10 pm and 6 am, but can feed during the day time. They are attracted to mostly humans and it’s our CO2 that we breathe and our body heat that brings them out. They also use pheromone or chemical trials to locate other bed bugs or their nesting place.

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